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Change of liaocheng steel tubes factory in transition to succeed

&Nbsp;   what is a company? Company refers to the company's long operating direction, operational forms and corresponding method of organization, capital allocation, the overall change is reshaping the competition advantage of the company, progressive social values, to new company shape the process.
    career in a direction away from the center of the industrial chain of liaocheng steel tubes factory, built a close relationship with the country, the people's livelihood. After after more than 10 consecutive years of rapid development, Chinese steel pipe plant in liaocheng professional instead of entering the scanty profit era.
    carried out met bottleneck, are many reason: primary, China liaocheng pipe factory career of capacity excess questions very severe, low-end capacity of large release down has steel commodity of sales quotes; second, recently years liaocheng pipe factory career of original burning information, and transport, cost has always been steadily climbed, led China liaocheng pipe factory career of economic yearly declined; again, traffic transport, and equipment making, and Real estate and other primary steel pipe plant in liaocheng dirty occupation of liaocheng steel tubes factory goods greater change in the demand structure, steel pipe factory in liaocheng professional product structure needs adjustment. That is, the Chinese steel pipe plant in liaocheng professional relies on extended low-end capacity building on its way to profit is not feasible, promoting industrial transformation from low-end to high-end helpless.
    with changes in China's economic increase method and difficult transition, with nearly 1 billion tons of crude steel capacity of liaocheng steel tubes factory, lack of real challenge continues to increase its industrial form, there are many disadvantages, how to get rid of bad? How can we succeed in transition? Following from the following are discussed:
    environment due to pollution has become the target, Mills wants method specification since the sewage question
    a long time, first forthright management forms of liaocheng steel pipe plant in China at the lower end of the industry value chain, the lack of technical skills, no contest from the Center, this form, there are many drawbacks, Along with rising domestic labor cost of production elements, such as quotes, market pressure Flash. In addition, the Central and local governments in recent decades management forms of one-sided pursuit of GDP target capital, power abuse serious damage severe natural environment. Liaocheng steel tubes factory forthright forms and contradictions of the power supply and environment binding, the Government and the public on environmental protection consciousness more and more intense, after frequent media exposure, company became the target of liaocheng steel tubes factory pollution. Now, companies want code of liaocheng steel tubes factory sewage questions, and training center of a race.
    profit: cost of extension of industrial chain step to catch up with the rate of progress
    steel pipe plant in liaocheng of earnings ability has generally decreased, there are many loss-making companies. Liaocheng steel tubes factory, companies need to find new profit sources diversification strategies became a certain road. Although, in front of a dilemma liaocheng steel pipe plant in China manufacture industry gradually realized that such questions, many company attempts to both ends of the industrial chain of liaocheng steel tubes factory extension, but extension step was missed the capital the rate of progress, "transition" but this was forced to approach to the many functions of liaocheng steel tubes factory brings challenges. Expand the industrial chain is equal to the new project, the construction cost will only progress year by year, and steelmakers in the cash-strapped! " Transition "also needs a strategic vision, needs financial support and preferential terms such as policy tilt.
    exporting: liaocheng steel tubes factory industry in our country is an island, faced repression in external economies, transition promotion will cut double-reverse
    liaocheng steel tubes factory industry in our country is an island, cannot be separated from the global economic system as a whole, cannot be separated from the domestic and international industry, value chain, and the chain of supply and demand. China liaocheng pipe factory industry not only faced with internal change of calls, also faced with external economic body of repression, transformation and promotion is China liaocheng pipe factory industry cannot escape of questions, with transformation promotion is a long time and to continues to insisted of process, as long as by transformation promotion talent from essentially processing in exporters field Shang encountered of various contradictions, and hard and questions, talent useful cut intensified of double anti-query.
    development: focus on developing, need to enter the "invention" during
    lot of liaocheng steel tubes factory on commodity development and brand building are rarely touched, developed into lack of independent innovation of transformation of industrial structure through lack of support, many companies still in the "making of" and not "invented" during the production. This cause in the face of the same shopping mall, when no brand quality steel goods surplus talent and weak, instead inflame the homogenization of excessive competition. Along with social and economic development, end-user demand for steel products will become more and more advanced and diversified, and personalization. Invention comes from a unique high quality product, consumer satisfaction, talent stable customers, open up the market, strengthen its Mall race.
    thinking: thinking changes, was able to successfully transition
    qualified for the process of transformation in the mind is the most difficult question, know that thinking. As long as the change of thinking, can only succeed in transition. More endurance race. Each steel plant in liaocheng, leaders of the company "transformation through" know themselves. Promotion is necessary to surround the customer needs the points of transformation, transposition considered diligent, adhere to customer specifications is of the highest standard. Transformation that is to new techniques and forms, used to ever-changing market environment and cost requirements, and were forced to participate in the automatic guidance. At the time "concept many skills", "commodity homogeneity of function", "Mall contest red-hot" and "cost of depressed demand" market environment, find the "quickly and well" programme, a new channel.
    the Government's support, road a little faster to
    of the transformation of liaocheng steel pipe plant in China in transition and promotions facing many heap of structural questions for a long time, repeat construction, excess capacity, inefficient operations, environmental sewer overruns, and so on.
    "transformation" has been mentioned for a few years, but most people in transition is still very ambiguous concept, did not plan a clear transformation roadmap execution doesn't work, perhaps more than lacking. Transformation and promotion of demand fair market environment, Governments and companies need to find a meeting point. Finding the breach in question, needs the harmonious operation of the interests of all parties, to transition to the premise fit into the norms of government borrowing, reading and other areas should be given preference or priority to provide skills, information, resources, guidance and support. On the transformation of liaocheng steel tubes factory, which is nothing more than two central objectives: decrease power costs, external satisfaction with social needs. Anyway, Government support, transition path to fast.