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Liaocheng city, the future trend of seamless steel tubes or is variety and differentiation

Recently, State Prime Minister Li keqiang in Chongqing held of Symposium Shang pointed out that, built Yangtze River economic with, that is to building Marina and Midwest mutual support, and benign interactive of new chess, after reform and purposes a serious engineering, let long triangle, and Yangtze River Middle urban agglomeration and into Yu economic zone three a "plate" of industrial and based facilities connection up, and elements activities up, and Mall consistent up, advance industrial ordered handling joins, and optimization upgrade and new town agglomeration carried out.
Li indicated, to major ports along the Yangtze River as the node and link, coordinate shipping, railways, highways, aviation, oil and gas pipeline transportation system, build networking, standardization, intelligent and integrated transportation corridors, main artery of the Yangtze River, a more powerful radiation and lead the vast mainland.
, media reports, China Railway Corp is likely to total registered capital increased to more than 800 billion yuan for the whole of this year, equipment will also increase to 143 billion yuan more than its capital contribution, this is the rail funding increased for the third time this year, this is a serious boon to the steel city.
whether it is construction of the Yangtze River economic belt, still river corridors built, constantly being added or rail funding is a potential need to add points, would support the current spot market price in the expected. Moreover, such good information, if genuinely realized, would translate into tangible liaocheng seamless steel pipe needed--of course, this is in a long time.
dirty occupation decomposition
at the just-concluded 51 small holiday time, national real estate market was pale. With calculations appears, Beijing commercial housing sold only 169 sets sold for 18,900 square meters, transaction sets, clinching a lower 78%, 74%, each area over the same period last year. Meanwhile, has always been a hard deal quotes also show signs of downward. In this situation, the late real estate developer get enthusiastic or directly affected. This means that real estate in the late career of liaocheng city, construction of the seamless steel tube or shrink further.
However, the primary need of seamless steel pipe in liaocheng professional show steady upward momentum. In April, China's manufacturing purchase managers index (PMI) is 50.4%, 0.1% engaged for 2 consecutive months, indicating continued stable manufacturing sector added momentum. Meanwhile, new orders for 51.2%, last month increased by 0.6% to raw materials inventory index for 48.1%, last month increased by 0.3%. In addition, the business expectations index is 59.6%, is located above the critical point for 4 consecutive months, down 3.1% than last month, but still sits higher boom, indicating manufacturing company for 3 months in the future to carry out a more optimistic.
by people in the industry estimate that situation in liaocheng city, long products and the need for seamless steel tubes in the late decomposition will occur.
supply, the industry organization's computing data, May 4, 5 large seamless kind of liaocheng (rebar, wire rod, hot-rolled coil, cold rolled sheet, plate) inventories amounted to 16.4837 million tons, 225,400 tonnes lower than only last week. Meanwhile, Rebar and wire rod inventory digestion not only significantly more slowly (only leave reduced 147,200 tons and 71,800 tons), plate and cold rolled stock, and even small added (added 3,600 tonnes and 6,100 tons of separation). Another according to industry organization query appeared, to May 4, domestic 163 home mills in the has 53 home for BF maintenance, more Qian one week added 2 home; BF starts rate for 87.85%, more Qian one week slightly drop 0.27%; maintenance volume for 60260m3, more Qian one week added 1530m3; maintenance effect daily iron volume 178,000 tons, more Qian one week added 2,600 tons; maintenance limiting calculations effect daily iron 182,100 tons, more Qian one week added 2,600 tons.
according to the current market situation, later the supply pressure is still great.
material offers overall steady
imported iron ore price drop steadily. According to industry calculations, Qingdao port 62.5% Newman fine ore grade at 730 Yuan/ton, compared with the 51 former equal, but lower than the offer in late April 30 yuan/ton. The industry source, though after imported quotes slightly hard, but the space to negotiate a larger practice contract offer to lower the 10 Yuan/ton ~15/ton. Mills, 51 small holiday back, although some steel mills is now on-demand acquisition, but acquired little in practice.
domestic ore price held steady. It has been calculated that Hebei qianan region 66% grade of iron concentrate at 950 Yuan/ton, with 51 before equal. However, sold and imported the same not too optimistic, mill acquisition less looking Mall atmosphere is thick.
offer safe metallurgical coke. It has been calculated that Shanxi Changzhi metallurgical coke at 1060 Yuan per ton at the regional level, with 51 before equal. After quote trend not seen significant improvement, coke market consolidation trend continues. Although some Coke enterprises in North China region raised offer, but some Mills to look. Later estimated Coke price momentum still lacks.
/> business mentality and weak after 51, weak overall Mall ambience of the deal. The avalanche of bad news in view of the recent real estate market, shopping malls lack relevant persons in the construction of seamless steel tubes are especially confident in liaocheng.
query according to industry organizations, traders in a query, only less than 5% merchants think rebar price will continue to rise in the late, close to 15% businesses that offer hot-rolled coil will rise.
in view of the situation on the real estate professional is not very stable and low, later harmful effects of long products market will be larger, but temporarily smooth good posture or supported liaocheng seamless offer. To this end, people in the industry thought, late-long Mall or weakening, seamless steel tubes market trend or relative is slightly stronger in liaocheng, such decomposition in the Mall or becoming more significant in the future.