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Winter steel trading business transformation of liaocheng steel tubes industry

continue to depths of liaocheng steel tubes, steel trading business also was faced with an unprecedented situation. In e-commerce in full swing, traditional steel trade career waning, critical juncture of transformation through hair, domestic steel trading business is accelerating the transition, numerous construction commodities business channel, exploring new directions in steel trade and career development in the future.
20, China Minmetals group tries their best to build, liaocheng steel pipe products for the breakthrough of bulk product e-commerce sale channel--Xinyi officially surfaced. Experts pointed out that attention to a growing number of liaocheng steel tubes company waded back, pay attention to the circulation of liaocheng steel tubes form is changing.
it is understood that the scale of liaocheng steel tubes industry turnover reached 12 trillion yuan, accounting for 20% of the sale of the means of production. China's current circulation of liaocheng steel tubes up to 200,000, all "scattered, chaotic, and poor" situation, regardless of quality. Nearly 3 years, liaocheng steel tubes profession continues to "winter" makes life especially difficult for steel trading business, traditional forms of profit face challenges.
the Honorary President of the Chamber of small and medium metallurgical companies introduce Zhao Xizi, liaocheng steel tubes full-occupational liability rate of 70% at that time, some companies even beyond the 80%, these finance still mainly Bank loans for the development of the company. Along with this, some banks of liaocheng steel tubes industry of the year are now lending 10%, with raising interest rates, liaocheng steel tubes industry of the capital chain is even more serious.
professional crisis increases the steel trading business dilemma. In the context of career survival space shrinking, some steel companies illegal operation, repeat the pledge, through steel speculation, the financial industry of liaocheng steel tubes industry more "away".
"in such a situation the, liaocheng steel tubes career transition from traditional forms of selling to business channel window has been opened, it is necessary to build professional, open, standardization of liaocheng steel tubes business channels. "Minmetals Development Corporation Deputy General Manager Yu En suggest.
Dong Baoqing, Deputy Director of information at the Ministry to introduce, in the form of e-commerce innovation for winning the trust of liaocheng steel tubes industry of the financial industry from scratch is very important, to secure channel will be controlled to minimize the risk of the position, and then promote the development of occupational health.
reported that from 2012, the commodities business has become a new trend. Has currently more than more than 100 third-party sale of liaocheng steel tubes electrical business channels online.
20, Xin Yi commenced commercial operations, also entered into collaboration agreements with a number of banks. Yu Engang noted that relying on Xinyi UMC Business Channel, the whole industry chain information disclosure, transparency, steel trading business will be able to get through trade flow, flow, information flow and capital flow and avoid danger, increase the circulation of liaocheng steel tubes power, declining circulation costs.
Zhao Xizi pointed out, the current steel sales in electronic channels is less than 10%, raising hopes in the future to 20%-30%, liaocheng steel tubes career spent in advance "winter" useful. Steel trading business to continue to enhance innovation, estimates all classes also spend three years to "winter".
experts pointed out, is not only the professional e-commerce channels "winter" expedient, more circulation of liaocheng steel tubes industry of the future direction of liaocheng steel tubes industry promotion in transition is essential. This will be conducive to e-commerce in liaocheng steel tubes used in the industry to speed up raise the informatization level, shares of liaocheng steel pipe upstream and downstream industry chain collaborative linkage, and useful to improve the competitiveness of the whole of liaocheng steel supply chain.
on the other hand, the industry category of liaocheng steel tubes occupational group into e-commerce also indicated concerns. China materials circulation Association, Liu Leiyun said: "don't rush to engage in e-commerce, to encircle the trading, logistics park; the entire value chain. Otherwise, excess years. "He made it clear that probably had to do something. Each company probably based on itself characteristics, relying on innovation to improve value, found in the entire value chain from a location.