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Influence factors of liaocheng steel tubes market trends of the future

&Nbsp;     according to the monitoring data, and in the past week, domestic steel prices steady small up format.
Qian one week points regional liaocheng pipe quotes change following: Shanghai regional liaocheng pipe quotes slightly raised, quotes more Qian a Friday rose 10 Yuan/tons, to March 28 reported in 3350 Yuan/tons; Beijing regional liaocheng pipe price weekly slightly rose 10 Yuan, to March 28 reported in 3170 Yuan/tons; Guangzhou regional liaocheng pipe quotes slightly rebound, cut holding stability to March 21 reported in 3520 Yuan/tons, quotes more Qian a Friday raised 30 yuan/tons.
data show, until March 28, domestic primary market average at 3386 quality grade rebar 25mm Yuan per ton, compared with the previous Friday down 9 Yuan/ton; 6.5mm wire at 3471/ton on average, compared with the previous Friday down 12 Yuan/ton.
data, and Terminal in Shanghai a day the week before the acquisition by 4.34%. From the local mall, rainy climate impacts Mall deal, at the same time, near the end of the month the Mall funding pressures and tight end reduced buying enthusiasm.
one week before the elements affecting the domestic construction of liaocheng steel tubes market, mainly the following aspects:
one of which is from the settlement terms, after the entering in late March, climate gradually warmed up, marks a shift in need has now been rendered, but closer to most businesses have now been completed in advance of the month indicator, so the second half of the week volume was slightly slower. According to monitoring data show, Shanghai terminal line spiral acquisition this week of 25,500 tons 26,600 tons down slightly from the previous week.
and the other is a raw material offer post-holiday. Monitoring data appeared, to March 28, Tangshan regional General carbon party billet factory quotes for 2880 Yuan/tons, more Qian a Friday rose 20 Yuan/tons; Jiangsu regional waste steel quotes for 2280 Yuan/tons, and Qian a Friday equal; Shanxi regional Coke quotes for 930 Yuan/tons, more Qian a Friday fell 40 Yuan/tons; Tangshan regional 66% tasting dry base iron ore quotes for 980 Yuan/tons, more Qian a Friday fell 40 Yuan/tons. Meanwhile, the 62% Platts iron ore grade index at 113.25 USD/ton, week rose 2.5 dollars per tonne.
continue to insist on reducing stocks of its three shopping malls. Monitoring data show, Shanghai shopping mall Prime warehouse HRB335 trademark 10-32mm rebar inventories totaled 54635 tons, same caliber size of data on March 21 sell 2680, lighten up the ups and downs of 4.68% per cent, primary warehouse HRB400 trademark 10-32mm rebar inventories amounted to 301608 tons, with caliber size data on March 21 sell 14190 tons, lighten up the ups and downs of 4.49%. Summarized data, current overall jiancang 16870 tons of steel in Shanghai, lighten up the ups and downs of 4.52%. Overall, the country around the succession of liaocheng steel inventories have decreased current inventory levels over the same period a year earlier have now been reduced to 11.45%, shopping malls stock the rapid digestion of rising steel prices stabilise played a positive role.
currently has the following factors will affect the future market trends, demand attention:
first, macroeconomic pressures not less: CISA's latest data show in mid-March 2014 forecasts national daily mean output of 2.096 million tons of crude steel, ten per cent lower to 0.04%. To March 2014 mid-late, points steel enterprises produced products inventory volume up 17.0388 million tons, more March early late increased 2.26%; iron total financing big scene has opened, 60 billion short-term financing coupons was registered; Qian February scale above industrial company profit total compared increased 9.4%; Bank Qian a Thursday are repo 52 billion yuan, Qian one week Mall net return 98 billion; NDRC declared cut oil, steam diesel each rose parting drop 0.1 and 0.11 Yuan; Initial value 48.1 in March HSBC China Manufacturing PMI, to 8-month low on March two big deposits lost more than 120 billion on Thursday.
the second primary, high steel inventories are short-term business pressures: in late March, liaocheng city, samples of steel pipe inventory up to 17.0388 million tons, on March 28, the society liaocheng steel tubes stock 19.41 million tons, compared with the same period last year is still relatively high. It is understood that some regional malls and community inventories further laxity, visible social inventory may be slightly higher than the actual query data released. We note to, current of mills high inventory, is in mills throughout extended has maintenance, and pressure produced of scale and downs of set Xia occurred of, followed raw materials quotes of further down and steel price of some regional and type of enterprises stability, mills of surplus situation in agile improved, in this set Xia, once Mills inventory pressure reduce, company recovery and yield of enthusiasm will up, thus, Mills supply of pressure will is liaocheng pipe Mall short-term still needed Digest of points.