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Transition is the only breakthrough of liaocheng steel tubes road

Over the years, liaocheng China Steel professional profit rates decreased in 2008 to 2011 2% 3.5%. In 2012, the career is entering the capital operation, sales profit rate of 0.04% in 2013; 0.5%. Liaocheng steel tubes in the world at a low point, the domestic operating profit of liaocheng steel tubes industry of hard time, Baosteel has completed the previous year a profit of billions of Yuan of operational performance, suffering from cluttered mall environment testing, and showed strong antibody competition.
long, liaocheng China steel pipe industry is relying on is equipped with complete product structure promotion and plan to expand the road. Forthright increased form carried out parallel to all regions of the country, resulting in excess capacity, homogenous disorder competition, concentration is low, the lack of iron ore to negotiate the right to speak, skills development more difficult problems for a long time. Together, environmental protection, energy saving and emission reduction of pressure aggravates.
innovation-driven transformation, is the road of liaocheng steel tubes career only surrounded. Innovation is the soul of livelihoods and the company is also bundled out of resources and environment of China liaocheng steel tubes industry of the new Fulcrum.
at that time, China's reform has entered deeper waters, Baosteel is also in the second period. "Focus on decisive effects of market forces in allocating resources, deepening economic system reform and promote modern company system of State-owned companies", which describes company transformation of new planning for us, ushered in the transformation of Baosteel promotion, making both new opportunities and new challenges. The next few years, we'll let the market mechanism in the allocation of resources carried forward decisions in effect, building retreat mechanism, improve resource allocation power operation power and property.
China liaocheng steel tubes career transition is a long and difficult process of pain, each practitioner must face up to this challenge, of liaocheng steel companies who go fast who will be able to get one step ahead of the competition advantage. I am confident that the joint efforts of colleagues through this difficult period, beautiful and liaocheng China steel pipe industry will usher in tomorrow.