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Knowledge of liaocheng steel tubes seamless 45# introduction

5th pipe is steel ingot made by perforation or solid tube capillary, Li Guangtao and then by made of hot-rolled, cold-rolled or cold drawn. 20th, seamless steel pipe industry in our country plays an important role. According to incomplete statistics, 45th in China seamless steel pipe production enterprise is about more than 240 companies, seamless steel pipe unit is about more than 250 units, with an annual output capacity of about more than 4.5 million tonnes. Seen from the caliber, < φ 76, 35%,< PHI 159-650, 25%.   From the variety, general purpose tubes of 1.9 million tons, accounting for 54% oil pipe 760,000 tons, 5.7%; hydraulic prop and 150,000 tons of precision tube, 4.3%; stainless pipe, bearing, automotive tube total 50,000 tons, accounting for 1.4%.
raw material for rolling seamless steel pipe is round the tube, tube embryo to undergo the cutting machine cutting billets into lengths of about 1 m, and the conveyor belt to the furnace heats up. Billet is fed into a furnace heating temperature of about 1200 degrees Celsius. Fuel for hydrogen or acetylene. Furnace temperature control is the key issue. circular tube due to stress after piercing wear empty. Generally more common Mole is cone shaped roll piercer, this punch high production efficiency, product quality, and perforation of expanding capacity, can be worn a variety of steel grades. After the punch, round tube has been three-roll cross-rolling, rolling or extrusion. Extrusion pipe sizing. Sizing machine with a conical drill drilling of high speed steel embryo, forming tube. Outside diameter of the pipe inner diameter sizing machine drill bit length to determine. After sizing, it tube into the cooling tower through cooling water, after cooling, it tube, will be straightened. After straightening, it tube sent by conveyor belt to the crack detection machine (or pressure) for internal testing. If the pipe cracks, bubbles and so on, will be detected. Pipe inspection also strict hand-selected. After a steel pipe inspection, sprayed with paint numbers, specifications, production batch, and so on.  And by crane into the warehouse.   
steel pipe specifications: specification of seamless steel tube outer diameter wall thickness mm * number. Seamless
category: hot-rolled and cold-rolled seamless steel tube (dial) seamless steel tubes in two classes.